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  1. Giving your Puppy the Best Start in Life

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    How to give your puppy the best start in life!

    If you are considering getting a puppy careful planning is essential to give him or her the best start in its life with you and to help you avoid many common puppy problems.

    Which Breed Should I Get?

    There are over 200 different breeds that are recognised by our UK Kennel Club and an ever increasing list of popular crossbreeds.  Choosing the right breed for you is not just about looks, but also about the temperament.  Consider the exercise, grooming and feeding requirements of that breed – can you commit to this?  Research the breed thoroughly, paying attention not just to the best aspects, but also to the less convenient common traits.  

  2. Improvers Classes

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    Lexie demonstrating trick dog training in Godalming, SurreyA few of you may know that once each month I also run an Improvers dog training class.  These classes are usually for customers who have completed our Puppy or Beginners courses, but occasionally we have some of our walking customers join us too.  

    Planning these classes had started to become very difficult, we have a wide range of training customers, who have different training needs and capabilities and writing a class that any of these could come to and get something out of was become quite tough.  So this month I decided to have a bit of a shake up of the classes...

  3. The Truth About (Our) Cats and Dog...

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    Dog and Cat Training!As anyone who follows our ForPaws facebook page may know, it’s not been the easiest of times for the pets in our household recently...

    When we moved in May 2012, from our flat in Guildford to a lovely house in Godalming, we took with us our two gorgeous Maine Coon cats, Cobey and Lilo.  Cobey was almost 4 at the time, we had gotten him as a 12 week old kitten in September 2008.  Cobey put us through quite a lot of trauma, he contracted Giardia within the first few days of living with us and we thought we were going to lose him.  Thankfully kittens bounce back fast, and a good dose of antibiotics and lots of sensitive food helped!  We felt bad leaving our gorgeous cheeky boy alone in the flat all day whilst we went to work and so 3 months later, we bought home his half sister, Lilo.  In those first couple of days we thought we’d made a huge mistake!  Cobey hated Lilo and would growl, hiss and smack her at every opportunity he got.