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  1. Keeping Dogs and Children Safe - 19th April 2016

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    Dog & Child Safety in Surrey, West Sussex and HampshireOn the 19th April 2016, at 7.30pm, qualified dog trainer and behaviour advisor Corrine Lisle, will be giving a talk on how parents and dog owners can ensure that both their dogs and their children stay safe when interracting with each other.

    Many dog owners lament that children just do not know how to behave around dogs any more and that their parents do not help as they themselves are unaware of how dogs should be approached.  Still many more parents worry about the health and safety risks that dogs pose to their children - media coverage of incidents and tragedies are often filled with misinformation, that simply serves to confuse and concern.  Expectant parents who are dog owners, become worried by the well meaning, but often uninvited and uninformed advice of friends and relatives, motivating them to consider rehoming their beloved companion and rescues, breeders and rehoming charities are overwhelmed with requests to find what was once a forever pet a new home.  

  2. Dogs and Children

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    Corrine Lisle is a licensed Dogs & Storks presenter and a dog and baby expert.A couple of months ago I was listening to the fantastic In the Doghouse radio show, presented by Nando Brown and Donna Saunders and they interviewed Jennifer Shryock, founder of the Family Paws Parent Education (FPPE).  Jennifer, owner of 2 dogs and mother of 4 children, was enthusiastically explaining about her two programmes, Dogs & Storks and the Dog & Baby Connection.