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Update from Corrine - August 2016 Newsletter Excerpt

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In an effort to ensure that all of our ForPaws friends have had an opportunity to keep up with our latest news (sent out in our newsletter, please email [email protected] if you would like a copy) I am going to be pasting articles from our newsletter in our blog so that they can be read at your leisure.  Special thanks to Team ForPaws first employed dog walker, Hannah Cubbon for supplying the gorgeous pictures we used in the newsletter!ForPaws Dog Walking Services

I hope all of our ForPaws friends and family are enjoying the glorious sunshine (in between decidedly autumnal spells) and that you all have some opportunity for relaxation, either in the garden with your cats, or on lovely summer hikes (ideally involving a pub garden or two) with your dogs!  

We have been overwhelmed with the level of enthusiasm and support received from you all this year, and Team ForPaws has been beavering away to ensure we can keep up with demands, whilst maintaining our high standards and value for money. This has led to some exciting changes! Read on for details…

ForPaws is all about quality and reliability and it is vital to me that we remain your trusted provider of force-free pet care that you love and can rely on 100%. I want ForPaws to continue to adapt to keep pace with your needs, and to remain a valued, cost-effective service provider.

I rely heavily on my team for the maintenance of high standards, and I place a great deal of emphasis on selection and training. With this in mind, I have now established a core team of employees (instead of casual labour) who are receiving advanced training in both animal and customer care.

Hannah, Kirsty, Michelle and I are very excited that ForPaws has reached this milestone – we are now a Limited Company with all the advantages of stability and accountability that this brings.

We will still be using our lovely trusted contract resources to give us the flexibility to respond to varying demands, but broadly speaking, you will all be receiving a more consistent service from one of the core team.

Any contractors will continue to be carefully, selected, measured and trained to ensure that our standards and values are never compromised. We will be implementing a robust feedback process to ensure that any concerns you may have are dealt with immediately and appropriately. The team and I are always on hand to deal with any questions, queries or concerns.

Thank you once again for your valued support and in particular for your positive feedback.  We have been really rushed off of our feet recently, so your praise and recommendations have been gratefully received! We wouldn’t be at this exciting point without you!

Corrine x

A Summary of the Changes

  1. We are pleased to welcome our first ever employees – 3 of them!
  2. Purpose-built vehicle fleet – a swanky new ForPaws van! 
  3. We are now a limited company, ForPaws UK Limited.
  4. Our bank account has changed.
  5. Smart new uniforms.


So what does this mean to you and your dog?

  • · Longer-term walkers with enhanced training
  • · Some group walks will be slightly bigger to maintain low prices, but only for suitable dogs, and with your approval
  • · You will need to pay invoices to new ForPaws Ltd account details

If these changes affect you,  your walker, sitter or service then we will contact you this week to explain and confirm that the changes work for you. No changes to services will be made without your approval!


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