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ForPaws Fleet Vehicle

Corrine is somewhat miffed that the first brand new vehicle she has ever bought is being given to Hannah!  Hannah is ecstatic however and cannot wait to start driving it next week whilst Corrine remains in her trusty (if somewhat grubby) Land Rover. 

A great deal of effort went into the selection of our new van, as it will hopefully be the first of several. We have focussed on safety and comfort first, to ensure that your pets are transported in luxury. We have designed an internal cage  system that keeps your loved ones safe (similar to the one above) and these are being built and fitted to order.

ForPaws VanThe van and cage system has access from both sides and the rear to ensure that it can be safely evacuated in an emergency. All cages are also lockable to ensure security. We have also thought carefully about ventilation and hydration, with equipment and processes all ensuring the very least stress during transportation.



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