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What's Been Going On!?

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Phew!  Well firstly apologies, it has been a rather mental, manic few weeks and I know I have not been in touch much with my customers or friends recently, hopefully this will explain why!

Last Tuesday we moved from the Guildford flat we've lived in since May 2006 to a lovely new house in Wormley, Godalming.  We're STILL unpacking, but getting there slowly!  The bright side is that we've had to start working out where all our stuff (read rubbish that you accumulate!) goes and have summed up the courage to get rid of a lot of stuff!  Unfortunately the not so bright side, as we are now renting in a lovely cul-de-sac, we have had to suspend our cat grooming service.  This is for two reasons, firstly, most rental agreements prohibit commercial activities from being done within a rental property for residential use (due to landlords insurance) and we don't want to risk breaching our contract.  Secondly, as the business is getting more and more busy, myself and my fiance are struggling to keep doing 6 day weeks!  Hopefully in the future I can look at getting some premises and getting someone else to help me during the normal week, however at the moment this isn't possible.

This weekend just gone, we made the long journey in the rain up north on a Friday night!  It took 5 hours and we checked into the Premiere Inn just after 12am, but it was all worth it, the next morning we picked up our beautiful Alaskan Malamute puppy Lexie!  She has been settling in well and as we get into the swing of things I'll update the blog with our experiences of settling her in and training her!  It's been incredible seeing just how quickly she learns when you get it right!  She howled and made a third bit of noise on the 2nd and 3rd night, although less on the 3rd than the 2nd (we think she was EXHAUSTED on the 1st night!) and then last night she was quiet all the way through - just goes to show, ignore the bad, reward the good!

Lastly the weekend before that, I attended the two day assessment weekend at the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers).  We had to do a Puppy owner 1-2-1 consultation, a rescue dog 1-2-1 consultation, take a mixed ability training class of 8 dogs, and undertake a question and answer session.  I'd spent a lot of time preparing for the assessment, including setting up a run through of the mixed ability class and ordering in some agility equipment of my own for it (with thanks to Jump 4 Joy agility for getting the equipment to me in 24 hours!), I'd worked through popular issues, written guides and plans and fretted!  Thankfully when I arrived on the Saturday I found that everyone on the assessment was going through the same degree of nervous anxiety that I was feeling!  The assessments went fairly well, but we all then spent the rest of our time pulling our performances apart and beating ourselves up!  The experience was quite a bonding one for us all and I left with several new friends who I've been messaging ever since!

Today I found out that I had passed the membership assessment and have been offered IMDT Student Membership, which I am over the moon at!  This now means I can use the letters IMDT after my name, will be searchable (shortly) on the IMDT website as a qualified trainer and that I can use the logo.  This might sound like a lot of trouble for some letters, a listing and a logo, but I'm very happy!

So quite a lot can happen in 8 days, an assessment, a move and a puppy!  Things are still a little manic soon, but they'll be back to normal soon, thanks for bearing with me!

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