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After 6 months in business (blog posting to go up on that later) I thought it about time to start a newsletter with updates, news, stories and information!

Please do have a read!


June 2012


Welcome to ForPaws first newsletter!  If you are wondering ‘who on earth is ForPaws?!’ then apologies, it has been a very busy few months and I haven’t had much time to send out a formal announcement that our business name has changed from Pet Care Services Guildford, to ForPaws…

When I decided that it would be a good idea to get the car sign written, I also commissioned a new logo.  Following a meeting with my business advisor ( we decided that Pet Care Services Guildford was a little too ‘wordy and corporatey’.  We wanted something a little easier to say, that seemed a bit more friendly and personable, that still said pet care.  So my fiancé Peter and I brainstormed over a weekend and came up with ForPaws, which I had to email as a priority to my logo designers!  They were rather relieved at having a shorter name to work with!  The logo that you can see on the site was the result and I am very proud of it.

My new website, is now up and running, there is still quite a lot to add to it, but a few pages to note are:

  • My Blog - I am trying to update it as much as possible with what’s going on, interesting stories and information, so do have a look every now and again.
  • Our Business Terms - please note that all existing arrangements and prices are honoured this is for new customers.
  • Recommendations - if you’d like to send me one from you I’d love to put it up!
  • Our Twitter feed to the right of the page, feel free to follow me, @ForPaws_Wormley, I often post pictures and updates when I’m out and about!

If you have any questions on the new site then please do email me.  Do note that some of our prices have changed as we have begun to realise the full costs associated with this business, however, all existing prices that we have agreed with you for services carwill stay the same, this is for new customers only.

My car is now fully sign-written and looking very smart as you can see…

Do pop out and have a look next time I see you! 

If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know that recently we have also moved house and we got our very own puppy, the gorgeous Alaskan Malamute pup, Lexie, here she is almost looking innocent!  Our cats Cobey and Lilo are currently not so sure…

Finally, at the end of April I undertook the membership assessment for IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers).  I had to do a 20 minute mixed ability dog training class, two 1-2-1 consultations with dog owners and a question and answer session.  I made lots of new friends on the assessment – we bonded through our nerves – and after a week and a half I found out that I had been offered student membership of the IMDT, which I was thrilled at!  I am now entitled to use the letters IMDT after my name, very proud!

So I think that just about sums up the chaos of the past few months!  I hope you enjoy my newsletter, I’ll aim to send out one a quarter from now on with lots of interesting stuff and updates.  Read on for details on how to get a free pet care service from us, how to keep your pet cool in the warmer months, all about the wonderful chew that is stag bars and a story on why we changed our vets!

This newsletter also marks the fact that I have now been fulltime self employed for 6 months.  It has gone so very quickly and I have enjoyed (almost!) every minute of it!  I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for your support and for choosing me for your pet’s care.  I really appreciate you, my lovely customers and look forward to seeing you soon.

I hope you enjoy my newsletter!

Very many thanks

Corrine Lisle IMDT

PS., if you haven’t already, please find us on Facebook and ‘Like Us’.



Everyone loves a Freebie and we love our customers!  So if you can recommend a friend or an acquaintance to us and they either sign up to a regular dog walk or visit (minimum of 3 walks/visits a week for 3 weeks or more) or at least one week of cat feeding then we will either give you one of your usual services for free or £15 off a dog training consultation. 

Just make sure that your friend mentions this when they contact us and we will arrange the freebie once they have had their first week and decided to stay with us.


Walks in Hot Weather

This gorgeous weather that we have been having has been wonderful!  However, it can pose a health risk for your dogs.  All dogs could suffer from heatstroke if they are exercised too long or hard in the heat of the day and dogs with thicker or darker coats are particularly susceptible.  For this reason when it is extremely hot outside we may decide to shorten our group walks to 45 minutes for your dogs own safety.  During this weather, you can help by ensuring that you give your dog access to plenty of fresh drinking water and that you give your dog somewhere cool and shaded to rest and get out of the sun.  You could also:

  • Give your dog ice cubes or frozen carrot to crunch on!
  • Get your dog a cool coat -
  • Fill up a paddling pool for your dog, they’ll love it!
  • Exercise them somewhere with more shade, water pools and not in the midday sun.

If you suspect that your dog has heatstroke, lay him or her on a soaking wet towel and pour cool water slowly over them.  Do not attempt to lower his or her temperature too quickly or you may cause them to go into shock, and make sure you contact your vet asap! 


 Stag Bars

 Now that we have an energetic large puppy, we can certainly empathise with our customers who have dogs that chew voraciously!  Puppies under 4 months are not allowed to have rawhide chews or bones due to the risks of splintering, so when we became sick of stuffing kongs with all her daily food rations, which she got bored of as soon as the food was extricated, a friend came to our aid and suggested ‘Stag Bars’.  Stag Bars are actually deer (stag) antlers that have been naturally collected and chopped into bars for dogs to chew on.  They are still filled with lovely marrow that entices dogs to bones, but are safe for puppies.  They are very hardy and pose minimal risk of splintering – although of course it is still wise to supervise your dog’s chewing.  This quite literally saved much of our home furniture from our chewing pup!  I can thoroughly recommend them, they are not particularly cheap, around the price of a bag of rawhide chews, but we bought a couple 3 weeks ago and they are still very much in tact and should last an awful lot longer than the rawhide chews anyway!  You can get them here


Oak Barn Vets

I feel it is a pet owners right to be very very fussy when it comes to your vet.  You can easily spend a small (or large) fortune at your vets and if you are not happy with the service you are getting, vote with your feet!  There are definitely vets out there that are worth every penny.

Several months ago I popped into my vets to drop off some flyers for my business and to make an appointment for my cats’ vaccinations to be brought up to date in time for our move, when they would become outdoor cats.  My cats hadn’t been vaccinated in over two years.  The receptionist was actually quite rude when I mentioned this and commented about this to a vet in the practice in front of me!  The truth was that my cats were indoor only cats, who did not come into contact with any other cats.  Many tests have shown that vaccinations can be effective for years (not just the single year they are licensed for!) so I really did not feel that my cats needed annual vaccinations, especially given that they had virtually no chance of coming into contact with the diseases that the vaccinations are designed for!  I’m not recommending that anyone neglect their vaccinations (far from it, it can invalidate your insurance!) however, as an informed owner, I felt that was my decision to make.  So being made to feel bad for it by a receptionist really irked me.  I made the appointment for my cats to be vaccinated close to our moving date, but felt quite grumpy about it.

Around the same time I had a call from Oak Barn Vets who were looking to compile information on local pet service providers and they invited me to pop in to visit.  Having only just launched full time, I was really excited to have the call, so I popped straight in to see them.  I was really amazed at their surgery, which is an immaculate converted barn, with separate places for cats and dogs to be kept if they are inpatients, a gorgeous big waiting room and stunning views, completely different to any surgery I’d ever been to.  I met some of the staff, Ella the receptionist, and Louise the vet – they were so friendly and welcoming that I decided to move to them.

I haven’t regretted the decision for a minute.  From our first consultation for my kitties vaccinations, I felt really happy with the service.  Louise takes her time and asks a lot of questions, excellent for jogging your memory if you forget a few key things.  She never makes you feel bad for the choices you’ve made with regards to your pet care, complimenting you on parts she agrees with, suggesting ideas for anything you are struggling with or unsure of.  We have taken our puppy there and she really enjoys her visits now!  She always gets a treat or two and a big fuss!

A couple of weeks ago they organised ‘Paws for Tea’ a coffee morning where lots of people brought their dogs for coffee, cake and a natter whilst raising money for the Blue Cross.  Next weekend they’ve got a puppy party on Saturday that we are going to.  We are really looking forward to it and it’s lovely to have a vets that go the extra mile for their customers.

Anyway, I just thought that this was all well worth a mention, if you aren’t happy with your vets, I would highly recommend Oak Barn (!



Look out for our next Newsletter in September!

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