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Dog Training Class Assistants Needed

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We are currently looking for some volunteer assistants to help us with our dog training classes on Monday evenings in Shalford and Saturday mornings/lunch times in Hascombe, Godalming.  

We would like to find people who have a passion for dogs and who want to learn all about dog training.  Our assistants will help us in ensuring that our customers get the best out of their training sessions and that they really enjoy the time they spend with us each week.  This includes friendly and positive coaching and encouragement during our training exercises, helping us to set up for each exercise and most critically ensuring that our customers are fed and watered during our coffee breaks!

Experience isn't necessary - we are very happy to teach you if you are willing to learn.  Please note that ForPaws only teach and promote positive reinforcement/negative punishment training techniques - we actively reject 'positive punishment' and dominance based training methods - so we are looking for people who want to learn about training dogs using modern, kind and scientifically valid dog training techniques.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer ForPaws Training Class Assistant, please email us to tell us a little more about yourself, any experience you have with dog training and why you would like to help and we will be in touch soon!


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