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Lead Walking and Greetings Workshop in January 2014

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Does your dog pull on the lead? Do you find yourself getting dragged along as your dog tries to greet every human in sight? Are you embarrassed as your dog jumps up at yet another person as you (try to) walk past?

On the 11th and 18th January at 10.30am we will be running a 2 part workshop focussing on:

Week 1
*Understanding why dogs pull.
*Managing your pulling dog whilst you train.
*Different lead training exercises for different situations.
*Getting your dog to pay more attention to you on lead.
*A reliable foundation sit/stay with distractions.

Week 2 - all handlers need to bring an extra adult guest to help with training!
*No jump up training - different techniques for different situations.
*Keeping a loose lead to greet people.
*Putting lead walking skills to practice in 'real' situations.
* Training sit at a distance.

Each workshop lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes and includes a tea break for questions on the techniques. The 2 part workshop costs £35 per dog and spaces are limited so get in quick!

No previous training is necessary - but all dogs MUST be wearing a flat collar and lead or a harness and lead - choke collars/chains and slip leads are not permitted - please ask if you aren't sure.  We only use force free techniques in our classes and we very strongly feel that good loose lead walking can be acheived more efficiently, kindly and effectively using techniques that do not hurt or intimidate the dog.  Our standard training rules apply and can be seen here.

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