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  1. Our New Approach to Helping our Clients Problem Pets!

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    Help for your Cautious Canine in Surrey, West Sussex and HampshireAs many of you know, this year I have been continuing my studies onto the 2nd year of the COAPE diploma for behaviourists and trainers.  Not only has this course been a fantastic continuation of the year 1 diploma, but there has also been a huge focus on the practical aspects of managing the way we work.  One factor highlighted by Peter Neville, one of the founders of COAPE, in a lecture on our last weekend, was that many behaviourists are not charging for, or managing, their time appropriately and this puts the behaviourist, their clients and their pets at a disadvantage.  

  2. How can Cats Have Behaviour Problems

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    Cat Behaviourist in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire

    When I tell people that I offer a behaviour advice service just for cat owners, some people look at me like I am a little bit mad.  Which probably isn’t too far from the truth!

    In 2014 I completed my first year of COAPE’s diploma in companion animal training and behaviour.  Whilst most people think of a pet behaviourist helping problem dogs, many are surprised to learn we also deal with problem cats!  Common problems include: