About our Walks

We offer a first class, ethical, force-free and caring dog walking service in Guildford, Godalming and Woking. Our clients can go to work or go about their busy day, relaxed and confident that their dog is in safe and experienced hands.

The ForPaws Approach

We use only positive, force-free techniques in handling and managing our dogs and we only walk dogs together that get along with each other. We know that a well managed walk with happy and well behaved dogs is an excellent advert for our business and we work hard to make this happen on every walk. Our customers regularly tell us how much happier their dogs are with our walks!  We offer clients two types of walks:

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Group Walks - £12.50 per walk

An ideal walk for sociable dogs! This hour long walk is for groups of up to 6 dogs, all of whom are well suited for each other and get along fabulously together.

These walks are suitable for:

- Puppies/Dogs over 6 months of age 
- Who are comfortable walking for an hour
- Who have good and generally reliable recall.

These walks are not usually suited to:

- Dogs who are overly nervous of, or aggressive towards other dogs/people.
- Dogs who haven't yet learned to recall when off lead.
- Owners looking for occasional or weekend walks.

In these instances we suggest our solo walks are a much better option.

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Solo Walks - Prices from £15-30

Solo walks enable us to work on a 121 basis with your dog to ensure he or she gets the tailored care they deserve!

This is a time based service and it is up to you and your dog just how much time you would like to book each day and exactly what we do during this time. We can take your dog for an on-lead walk around the block, play games in the garden, practice training exercises, or drive to a local park for an off-lead walk.

This walk is suitable for puppies or dogs of any age who may:

- have health, training or behaviour problems meaning a group walk is unsuitable
- prefer a shorter walk than 60 minutes or to walk alone
- be currently in training for behaviour or training issues requiring more focused attention
- need or want to stay at home, but still need companionship & interaction during the day.

We charge:

£15 - for 30 minutes
£19 - for 45 minutes
£23 - for 60 minutes
£30 - for 90 minutes