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  1. ForPaws Group Dog Walking ServiceWith the improved equipment and training given to our staff, we are now able to safely and effectively take up to six dogs per group walk with our more experienced members. Many walks will remain groups of 4, with the additional 2 only joining at peak times.

    This change will mean that we are more able to meet your wishes to provide services during the peak midday slot and of course will allow us to absorb the cost increases from the dreaded VAT mentioned above.

  2. ForPaws Uniform!

    As mentioned above, now that we officially have employees, we are able to provide them with a uniform with our logos!  Currently this is:

    • A white vest top
    • A black gilet
    • A black visor

    As we move into Autumn we will be updating this and adding to it.  Our contractors will also be provided with a visor and can order extras as they want.

    Hannah has started wearing her uniform this week as shown in the photo on page 4, and has found that the dogs are starting to locate her more easily at a distance, always useful!  Do tell her how fab she looks!