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  1. PHEW! An Update from Corrine

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    It seems we are FINALLY coming up for air!   

    ForPaws Dog Walks in Guildford and Godalming

    Kirsty and Hannah officially joined us as employees in August and Hannah started driving our fabulous new ForPaws van (whilst sporting her new uniform) which she LOVES.  In September, she was tasked with driving it all the way to Middlesborough to see Jonathan Horsell of Designer Crates and Cages, who built us a stunning and secure crate system for the van.  

  2. Our New Approach to Helping our Clients Problem Pets!

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    Help for your Cautious Canine in Surrey, West Sussex and HampshireAs many of you know, this year I have been continuing my studies onto the 2nd year of the COAPE diploma for behaviourists and trainers.  Not only has this course been a fantastic continuation of the year 1 diploma, but there has also been a huge focus on the practical aspects of managing the way we work.  One factor highlighted by Peter Neville, one of the founders of COAPE, in a lecture on our last weekend, was that many behaviourists are not charging for, or managing, their time appropriately and this puts the behaviourist, their clients and their pets at a disadvantage.  

  3. The Confident Dog

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    ForPaws Dog and Puppy Training Classes in Milland, West Sussex and Godalming, Surrey

    When families decide that they want to bring home a puppy, they dream of a happy, confident dog who is able to accompany them wherever they go in their lives.  Their new puppy is bright, extrovert and eager to get into everything with them – and they assume that this period will last forever.  Often however, around 18 weeks of age they start to notice changes in their puppy’s behaviour and they are confused as to why their outgoing and friendly puppy is increasingly fearful and maybe showing signs of aggression.  What has caused this change?