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  1. First Year Done!

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    In August last year, I wrote a blog entitled 'What is a Behaviourist and How do you Become One?' which explained why I chose to sign up for COAPE’s 2 year higher diploma course in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training.  In the blog I promised to keep my readers updated with studies as I progressed - unfortunately the reality of studying kicked in and my blog became a little neglected!  So here is a rather long outline of my first year with COAPE...

    Before starting I knew I had some gaps in my knowledge on dog behaviour (and a lot on cats) and was looking forward to filling those gaps in.  Never before has the phrase ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ been so true!  I’m staggered by how much I’ve learned over the past 10 months.  
    COAPE Diplomates 2014COAPE structure the first year of the course around 4 lecture weekends, which most of us students view as a mini-holiday, seeing as its the only time we don’t have assignments to work on and we stay in lovely accommodation at Rashleigh’s Business Centre in Maidenhead - the accommodations and the delicious food is all included in the course fee.  The first lecture weekend was mind boggling, we learned about the origins of the domestic dog and cat, motor patterns, fear periods and the practicalities of working with people and dogs in dog training.  I spent 4 days after the weekend unable to sleep, as my brain frantically assimilated this new information with things I’d previously learned and believed. 
  2. January Blues? We've got something to cheer you up!

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    Agility Classes in Godalming, SurreyFrom the 25th January ForPaws are launching fun agility classes!  

    Agility is a brilliant way to spend time with your dog.  Whilst it may seem relatively simple, you'll be amazed at just how challenging it is to direct and control your dog around the course.  We teach the basics over progressive, step by step courses, gradually introducing owners and dogs to the equipment safely and helping them learn how to respond to each other and the challenges of the course.  You will see your and your dog's confidence grow as your skills develop together and you'll see improvements in your dogs responsiveness to you outside of training too.

    We offer 4 courses, each introduces you to different pieces of agility equipment; jumps; tunnels; contacts and; weaves. Once you've completed all 4 course you'll be invited to our weekly agility classes where you can put your new skills to good use in navigating increasingly difficult courses.

    Just think, if you start now, by summer this year you and your dog will be flying around our equipment in the glorious sunshine!  There's an antidote to those January blues!

    More details on our Course 1 can be found here.  Spaces are really limited and almost all gone, so if you'd like to join our January class, book asap!

  3. The Lazy Trainer

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    Lexie's Tea-Break TrainingOh it’s hard to fit in training time isn’t it?!  I have every empathy for my customers who struggle to find time to squeeze in training sessions with their dogs - I often do too.  I think that the problem is often that we see training as time consuming and difficult and maybe even worry that we’ll do it wrong or it won’t work, so we don’t start! 

    But training doesn’t have to be time consuming - you don’t need to feel that you must set aside a whole hour to train your dog each day.  In fact, hour long sessions are often counter productive - your dog can become bored, frustrated or lose concentration long before the hour is up and you both end up feeling that training sessions are pointless and not fun.  Regular short sessions with your dog can be much more effective, little and often is the key!  

    But if that sounds worrying as now you need to find the motivation for lots of training sessions each day, fear not, there are some very simple ways to make short regular training sessions easy...