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  1. Adult Dog Training Class

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    Adult Dog Training Class Milland, West SussexAfter much demand from our lovely customers, we have decided to run a group dog training class for adults.

    This starts on on Monday 9th May at Milland Village Hall (near Liphook, West Sussex) at 7.00pm. The format will be similar to our puppy course:

    Week 1 - Presentation week, dogs stay at home as owners come along to discuss how dogs learn, how to manage their dog in class, training essentials and problem behaviours.
    Week 2 - The basics, relaxing on the mat, sits, downs, stays and focussing on you, not exciting distractions!
    Week 3 - Lead walking skills, recall, stays with increased distance and distraction.
    Week 4 - Leave it, recall from distraction, targeting, stand for examination.
    Week 5 - The great outdoors - training in the 'real world'. Some fun training games with your dog.

    This course is suitable for anyone who wants to start from the beginning with their adult or adolescent dog around other dogs, or for any of our previous class attendees who would like to repeat the course, or for 121 training clients who would like to progress to training around other dogs.

    If your dog is a little nervous or reactive to other dogs, please start by contacting our office for a chat, as 121 work may be needed before joining a group class - we want to ensure all of our dogs are happy in our class!

    Spaces are strictly limited to 6 dogs and we expect these to fill up fast, so for further details, fill in our class booking form here.

  2. Breakthrough - A Diet to Brighten Your Dog's Day!

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    Before Breakthrough Alice was a very nervous dogSome of my lovely customers and friends will know that for some time now I have been helping with studies on a new diet designed to help dogs showing behaviour problems.

    The affect of diet on behaviour is a fascinating subject.  Professional and secular opinions on the topic are often conflicting, probably because the desired outcome from feeding a specific diet can be so varied.  Whether a diet is ‘successful’ in meeting this outcome is subjective and may depend on the perceived effect on a dog’s coat, appearance, weight and musculature, their dietary tolerance for the food or general health.  Putting the placebo affect aside here, many owners have been able to successfully manage and control various health problems with dietary manipulations, resulting in a large market for dog food and supplements.  Each dog is individual and a ‘perfect diet’ for an individual dog will be based not only on the needs of the dog, but what the owner wants to do and achieve with that dog.  A working border collie will have differing nutritional requirements to a show collie. 

  3. Keeping Dogs and Children Safe - 19th April 2016

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    Dog & Child Safety in Surrey, West Sussex and HampshireOn the 19th April 2016, at 7.30pm, qualified dog trainer and behaviour advisor Corrine Lisle, will be giving a talk on how parents and dog owners can ensure that both their dogs and their children stay safe when interracting with each other.

    Many dog owners lament that children just do not know how to behave around dogs any more and that their parents do not help as they themselves are unaware of how dogs should be approached.  Still many more parents worry about the health and safety risks that dogs pose to their children - media coverage of incidents and tragedies are often filled with misinformation, that simply serves to confuse and concern.  Expectant parents who are dog owners, become worried by the well meaning, but often uninvited and uninformed advice of friends and relatives, motivating them to consider rehoming their beloved companion and rescues, breeders and rehoming charities are overwhelmed with requests to find what was once a forever pet a new home.