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  1. Corrine's Birthday ForPaws Fun Class!

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    Puppy fun in GodalmingAs some of the more astute of you may know, a rather big birthday is looming for me in July!  For a bit of fun and celebration I’m going to be running a party class at my training field in Hascombe on the 6th July! 

    The Party class will be 45 minutes long and will cover training Sit, Spin, a few party games and then an introduction to the agility equipment.  There will also be tea, coffee and cake available and the dog friendly White Horse Pub is conveniently very close by for a quick drink after class! 

  2. The Prevalence of Dominance – Part 8, Why do so Many Still Believe?

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    Easiest way to dominate this dog?  Tennis Ball!So, after 7 blogs outlining why the dominance theory is no longer valid you may be left asking yourself, if dominance theory is wrong, why do so many people still believe it?  Surely this is evidence in itself that there is some truth in it?

    Firstly, consider this - just because a lot of people may think something is true, doesn’t make it true.  There was a time when everyone believed the earth was flat and supported by 4 elephants on the back of a giant turtle.  Or held up by a huge guy called Atlas.  And that the earth was the centre of the universe and the sun moved around the earth.  And that the atom was the smallest thing in the universe.  And that goldfish have 3 second memories.  And that Praying Mantis females always eat the males after sex.  All untrue – well actually the latter does happen sometimes, but not all the time - a recent study of 69 copulating mantis’s showed only 1 ended up eating the male!  The fact is many things that we have often held as definitely true, are not.  That we ever believed them in the first place doesn’t make us stupid, the same possibly can’t be said if we continue to believe these things despite it being proved they are wrong. 

  3. What are you Paying For?

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    imdtA few weeks ago I saw a great poster circulating on Facebook.  It asked ‘What are you Paying For’? and the gist of it was, when you pay for the services of a dog trainer, do you know what you are paying for?   When you get a new dog or puppy, attending a training course can really help you to get started on the right foot with your pup, not allowing bad habits to creep in that are harder to correct later and ensuring that you raise a happy, well adjusted dog.  You may be comparing courses based on how close they are to you, what dates, days and times they run on and how long for.  Cost of the classes may also be a consideration. 

    MAPDT 01181When people think about what the fee they pay for a dog or puppy training course covers, they often think of the immediate costs, the trainer’s time spent taking the classes and maybe the venue hire.  Of course the costs also need to take into account the day to day running of a business (website, advertising, fuel for travel) but that’s it right?  Actually there’s quite a lot more to it than that…