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  1. Bite Size Behaviour VLOG - Toilet Training Puppies!

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    With christmas almost here many people may have decided now is the time to add a new family member!  So here is our next VLOG on how to toilet train a puppy!


  2. Fireworks - Don’t Reinforce the Fear?

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    As we are less than two weeks away from the dreaded fireworks season, it seemed like a good time to blog about what you can do to help pets that are scared of them. 

    Many dog and cat owners see their pets shaking, hiding, drooling, pacing and episodes of diarrhoea in response to fireworks and well meaning friends often advise “if you don’t make a fuss, they will learn they have nothing to worry about”.  Whilst this may seem like sensible advice, this is actually quite a complex issue and needs a little more understanding about both training and emotions, to really address it well. 

  3. The Confident Dog

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    ForPaws Dog and Puppy Training Classes in Milland, West Sussex and Godalming, Surrey

    When families decide that they want to bring home a puppy, they dream of a happy, confident dog who is able to accompany them wherever they go in their lives.  Their new puppy is bright, extrovert and eager to get into everything with them – and they assume that this period will last forever.  Often however, around 18 weeks of age they start to notice changes in their puppy’s behaviour and they are confused as to why their outgoing and friendly puppy is increasingly fearful and maybe showing signs of aggression.  What has caused this change?